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Clean Hunter 2003

CLEAN HUNTER is an annual live-flying NATO exercise, that takes place in Allied Command Europe's Region North and Northern France. The exercise is conducted by Headquarters Allied Air Forces North (HQ AIRNORTH), Ramstein/GE, through its Combined Air Operations Centres (CAOCs). Usually most participants in the exercise fly to and from their home bases. The exercise areas extend from Southern Germany to Denmark and from the United Kingdom to mid-Poland.

CLEAN HUNTER is designed to promote training opportunities for all participating units, to maximize interaction between opposing forces and to exercise Headquarters Allied Air Forces North and its subordinate Combined Air Operations Centres in the planning and conduct of major co-ordenated live air operations. The exercise involves many different types of aircraft for a wide range of operations. Usually the exercise runs with and is linked to other land and sea exercises, allowing joint planning and operations to be practiced.

CLEAN HUNTER 2003 was held from 23rd of June 2003 until 3rd of July 2003 with the following nations participating;

Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and Turkey. The French joined the exercise as part of their normal training relations that they have established with their allies.

TORNADOF3MM7210BE.JPG (115162 bytes) During Clean Hunter 2003 3x Tornado F3 from ItAF 12ºGr/36ºSt were present at Büchel AB. Among those three was MM7210/36-14. The unit is normally based at Gioia del Colle (Italy)
TORNADOMM7061BE.JPG (75275 bytes) Together with the three Tornado F3's were also 5x Tornado IDS from the ItAF 154Gr/6ºSt. The unit is normally based at Brescia/Ghedi in Italy and was TDY for the exercise to Büchel AB
f-4e73-1046.JPG (49050 bytes) Neuburg AB also hosted some participating nations for the exercise. Two countries were operating from Neuburg; Turkey and the Czech Republic.
Four Turkish Phantom F-4E's from 111Filo based at Eskisehir in Turkey
MIG21CLOSE.JPG (31032 bytes) Three MiG-21MF aircraft from 42slt were present at Neuburg AB in Germany. The unit (42stl) operates from Caslav in the Czech Republic and will soon have the L-159A as a replacement for their MiG-21MF's..... (Sadly)

We would like to thank Oberstleutnant Hermann-Josef Dresbach and Oberstabsfeldwebel Herbert Quast, both from the Presse- u. Informationszentrum der Luftwaffe for their co-operation for both visits to Büchel AB and Neuburg AB.

For the visit at Büchel we would like to thank Major "Ede" Edenhofner (S 3 E at Jbg 33)
and (but not least!!!!) Oberstabsfeldwebel/Informationsmeister Michael Wanner from Jbg 33.
We had a nice day 'out-in-the-field-with-no-restrictions'.

A link to their web site (in German language)